Body Temperature App Reviews

Want my money back

I used the app kept on crashing didn’t have the things I wanted to have wouldn’t recommend

Doesn’t take my body temp

This is a rip off of an apt

Need Refund!

I purchased this app to monitor my temperature. Now the feature is gone. How can I get my refund?

What happened?

We used to accurately monitor body temperature using this app... it was very reliable due to confirming it using thermometers. I don’t see why it can’t be reverted to its former version. This was the only thing on the App Store that allowed that. Is it perhaps due to greed that the Apple store wants those with extra accessories?

Not working???

How does this work? No instructions or options to take temp.

Don’t get app not worth your money

U havet to do it manually

Took away the only reason I made the purchase!!!

If I could give No Stars I would. What’s the point of paying for this when I can do all that for free!! I feel completely Robbed!! What a scam!!

Update is Crashing

I used this app with no issues prior to this new update. The app is crashing nonstop. Please fix it asap. The sole reason for me using this app was for the body temperature. How about a refund since the app can not deliver anymore. Now this stupid app cannot tell me my body temperature cause you removed it. The other functions you mention I can get that else where.

Sometimes it works

Sometimes it's spot on, other times I get a series of 200-400 degree temps! We know thats not true! Fix this and it'll be a decent app


Is there a way to delete or edit an entry? I can't seem to figure out where to do it at and had an error in an entry.

Great app

Still getting used to this new design. The app is awesome 👍🏻


Apparently I'm freezing (34.5f).

This app was great in the beginning

After the current two updates it no longer works at all no matter if I use Celsius or Fahrenheit. It says my temperature is 206.57 degrees! It worked really well at first too then the updates happened.


I am having the same problems the other two people are having that have posted!!!! It says I am 38 degrees warm on my Apple Watch 2... it crashes on my PHONE everytime!!!! PLEASE FIX!!!!

Same temp for F and C

New update broke your Fahrenheit calculation. I take my temp with it and I get that I have a 36.5 C temp and a 36.5 F temp.

Update Not Working Well

Updated app continues to crash on iPhone. Will not display temperature in Fahrenheit on Apple Watch when selected. I even restarted my watch after update and it won't work. Disappointing.


Within past 2days app on phone not working. Will not open. Very unhappy!😡

very great

thanks for new update

Update Is a Bust

When I opened up the app and started filling out the info it crashed. I did this several times and it crashed every single time. This new update has a bug.

It actually works !!!

This is a totally worthwhile app. I was sick in a hotel abroad, on a Sunday night and don't speak French. I needed to know if I had a fever so that I could tell a doctor the following day. This app was easy to install and use in my iPhone and actually told me my temperature. Awesome !

Does not work

It only worked twice. Now it only gives heart rate. Waste of a dollar.

So far so good

I check my temp with a Thermometer and it's right in most of the time. Sometimes it will b a degree off. But not bad. I love it.


I'd read the favorable reviews and thought I'd give this a try. This app seems to be very accurate and it is easy to use. I like it!

Keeps crashing

Watch app crashes every time.


I love being able to check when the thermometer is a pain to pack... I have compared with thermometer and is spot on!!!

Apple Watch app crashing.

Apple Watch part of this app crashes every time I try to launch the app, so then I visited developer support to let them know only the "Contact Us" hyperlink is also broken which is why I'm only giving the app 3 stars.

Very close to accurate

I found that it was within a half degree F of a digital thermometer. Nice to have a way of taking temps without the real thing. I would have given it five stars except that there was not an easy way to set it to Fahrenheit. It defaults to Celsius every time.


...but it works. I had early issues with it coordinating with the Apple Health app, but now things are woking and my temps are registering. Well worth the fee.

Not Worth $.99!

Spent 15 minutes trying to get it to work. Waste of my time and $, 99 cents or not!

It can work if you understand how to use it

This app uses bpm from the pulse in your finger to calculate a change in body temperature. Theoretically, an increase in your resting heart rate can be linked to an increase in temperature (among many other things.) The nice thing about the app is that it allows you to set your normal temperature and your average resting heart rate. This way, if you are not doing anything to raise your normal resting heart rate, you can calculate if your body temperature has increased by assuming that it goes up one degree for every 20ish beats your heart rate increases. The only problem with that assumption is that anything that increases your heart rate while scanning your finger (from cold medicine, physical exertion, coughing, etc.) will increase the apps "calculation" of your temperature. This also assumes that your body increases its temperature at one degree per 20 beat increase. This app can be fairly accurate if you can monitor and regulate your resting heart rate and know your body's normal temperature. By testing the app against a regular thermometer, you can get a good idea of how accurate it is for your own body, make adjustments to your settings in the app, and then you will have an idea of your body temperature with the app without using a conventional thermometer every time.

Big Joke guys :)

Now I have 39,1 but app show me 36,1. Don't waste your time!

Best dollar spent in a long time!!!

Amazing app, I can read my temperature off my phone or my Apple Watch along with my heart rate! Seems really accurate also.

Accurate Temps. Awesome!!

I confirmed body temp readings as accurate with standard thermometers. Excellent. Easy to use. Just put finger over camera lens and flash for 30 sec! Better than all other apps.


Like grandpa said, everyone has an opinion as well armpits and cause what? I don't get the bad stars. For 99 cents it works! And that's my opinion.

Excellent App!!

Just bought my new Apple Watch and tried a few heart and temp apps, but this was the most consistent and easy to use.

Works great!!

I'm so surprised--I expected this app to fail. But it works great on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Thank you so much to the developer! I have a chronic illness and this app will make it so much easier to monitor my temperature.

Nice app

I really thanks the developer of this great app, it works with about 98% correct. I do use it on my Apple Watch too it is very useful and let you trace ur health every day. Thank you guys god bless you all

Awesome app

So far so good havent had any issues with the app! Good job Developers

It works!!!

I thought it was crazy when my brothers temperature read 100 but then I tested it on me and my temp. was correct. It definitely works for those nights the little ones don't want a thermometer on them.

Doesn't work- waste of money

It freezes and doesn't work.

easy app to you

i like this app but it freezes alot. and to unfreeze it you have to uninstall it

lacking instructions

I don't know what to put in reference temp and heart rate. Is it what my current temp and heart rate are measured from another instrumenet at that time?

Excellent, With No Nonsense.

Apple Watch is useless without this app. Please again, again, I say do not ask questions, just buy it. You will not regret it. I do not just like it but I love this app. Congratulations.

Rip off

Waste of a dollar

Good app

Seems to be pretty accurate app. Helps to give it a base line temperature to start from.

Seems inaccurate

With the same heart rate and getting totally different temperature readings

It's okay, but needs work

When this application works, it is quite accurate. While the heartbeat per minute is spot on, The temperature function only works every once in a while. I wish it were more consistent. Then, what did I expect for a dollar?

Does Not Work

I can't even get it to take my temperature. It crashes before it can do anything. A dollar and learn.

Doesn't Work I want my refund.

Doesn't work I want my refund I bought for body temperature and this is a joke tested may times I had a fever and 36.1c please refund me my money.

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